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A practical course for English exams. Methodological guide – Rinca Felicia}


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A Practical Course for English Exams  Methodological Guide to prepare for the Tenure and Qualified Teacher Exams in the Primary and Secondary Education This very book is designed in the form of a guide to help you, University graduates and future English teachers, pass your exams successfully. Not only does it contain the necessary information presented in a concise manner, but it also explains you how to approach the subjects of the exams you are about to take. The book is written from the perspective of a current English teacher who gathered the essential information from books and web sites alike. The book is divided into two sections, each with its own subchapters. The first one focuses on the literature subject and contains a brief theoretical presentation of the main aspects of essay writing, providing the necessary tools for elaborating a coherent and well-structured essay. The second part deals with applied methodology. The exam usually consists of three parts: – Literature – Grammar – Methodology. As, for the grammar part there are a lot of books with theory and exercises alike, this guide focuses primarily on literature and methodology. All in all, A Practical Course for English Exams has been mainly conceived as an instrument for individual study meant to guide teachers in the English testing acquisition process, but it may prove equally useful for class activities. Our thanks and special credit go to the Romanian language teacher, Professor Cristina Vasile, first degree awarded, for her useful pieces of advice and steady support.